Dmitry Paranyushkin

I would like to use this momentary gap in time and space to introduce myself. My name is Dmitry and I've been inventing software for machines and for humans for 10+ years. My main interest is in creating the tools, algorithms, frameworks, sounds, and images that help people think creatively, innovate, and discover the non-obvious, giving the time and space to the gaps, contradictions, allusions, and fantasies. My latest projects include the InfraNodus system to generate insight from text and ∞OS bodymind operating system an educational methodology based on embodied experience of a metaphor. I was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1981 and currently live in Paris. I have a BA in Economics and Maths (Moscow State University) and an MA in Life Sciences, Biology and Technology (Paris Diderot VII). Below I lay out some threads, which you are invited to follow, to unfold, and to weave into your own narratives. I will also be very happy to talk, so we can discuss further and play together.


Research lab: Nodus Labs
Scientific publications: Google scholar
The tool I programmed: InfraNodus
Bodymind practice: ∞OS


Latest works:
Cross-contextual confluence festival: PRAGMA
Music and mixes:
Open-source software:
Books: Amazon

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